Thursday, June 10, 2010

...and so it goes

This began as a "bridal blog"... a place to vent the sarcasm and fuel the ridiculous, but as I show up for work everyday, I realize: some people will never change, but I can!
This is a blog about Chelley. About work, not-work, marathon training and eventually potty training (for the future me(s), I've got potty-ing down pat).

My latest vent does, in fact, have to do with work and how hair pulling and crying in a corner isn't just for Butler patients anymore!

A family I had seen before came into the venue where I work as a consultant... long story short, they had been there before with a 2 year old child, bouncing a soccer ball, wearing just a diaper and tank top (male). So, as they entered, I cringed inside (never outward- always smile!). After 2 hours, said boy removed his diaper. I told the mother (all of 17 years of age... yes, he is 2) "J***d*n is naked," to which she replied, "what?" I said, "I can see his penis." She laughed and picked him up off the floor, where he was pantless, diaperless and rubbing on the carpet, and put his pants back on (sans diaper). Two more hours pass... and he poops on the floor. I clean it up.
I go to work in a suit and heels so you can show up in pajama pants?
I don't think so. Please America, find some class, regardless of your actual class.
Love always,
Sarcastic as ever,
Degraded to cleaning your kid's poop,
The Anti... lots of things