Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ka-muu-ni-cate. Seriously.

Personal sarcasm goes a long way.
If you can’t laugh at yourself, the world will cry at your expense.
My sister and I are both happily married now (Congratulations Jess & Greg! 4-10-10), and we both learned lessons about communication on our respective wedding days.
I’ll start with my own story, so she can get the last laugh.
The morning of our outdoor wedding was wet, and by wet I men monsoon-like. 4 ½ inches of rain flooded my parents’ 2 acre property- the property they had erected an arch upon, perfectly landscaped and replanted with blue hydrangea, which needs the proper soil to turn blue. They day before had been perfect, hot and sunny with clear blue skies, but this day was gray and bleak. Rain drowned the area of Montgomery County with fury and force that morning. And so, nervous and unsure about the location, I impatiently waited for my Verizon Envy’s assuring vibration, but nothing came. We planned to move the ceremony to the beautiful reception site and began packing the car with everything we needed, including all 8 maids.
Finally, the familiar buzz of my phone! My groom-to-be! He said “hello” in such a timid voice, I wasn’t sure if I even heard him. Then he said sorry he was calling, but he wanted me to know it was all going to be OK that the wedding was moved. “I know,” I responded, “but where have you been?” I rambled on about how I didn’t know where he was and why he hadn’t called me earlier.
“I thought we couldn’t talk or see each other until the ceremony.”
Relief from doubts neither one of us had ever felt.
This was, by far, the most ridiculous morning ever. After a glass of champagne, I let myself laugh. What a silly man- he made my superstitions look like fairy tales. I needed to talk to him and he thought if he called he would be causing us some kind of bad luck.
Moral: Keep the lines of communication open- remember… he wants to know what you’re thinking and how to not get into trouble.

As for Jessica...
Jess texted Greg* early in the morning asking him if he needed his extra shoes (she was packing for the wedding night). She never got a response and as a million texts were coming in she deleted and, eventually, forgot she texted him.
At about 2:00, when she was getting her hair done, because she had not heard from Greg yet, she texted him “Happy Wedding Day.” She got the response, “No”. After 45 minutes of tears and phone calls made to everyone from Greg’s mom and sister to the Best Man’s family, the Country Club pulled Greg off the green- he had NO clue what was going on. He sent a text, in summary, saying how happy he is and how he’s never wanted anything but this. After we all shed a joyful tear and laughed at our dramatic-woman-tendencies, we finished our hair and went to the club… the rest, well, that comes under “Happily Ever After”.

*went out golfing EARLY in the AM with Ross David, his best man.

Moral: When you’re golfing, bring your phone, even if you’re not supposed to have it on the course- if it’s your wedding day or your wife is pregnant, the club will understand.