Friday, April 2, 2010

Beadazzled... or not.

Jewelry is like a fine sprinkle topping on your cake... after it has been iced. Defining, finishing touches can make or break your pictures- brilliance, or earthy? Bohemian or glamorous?
Have you seen the bride who has earrings the size of her head? Or more necklaces on than you actually own? The bicep-cuff, with a tulle gown? The diamond collar with a tea-length dress?
Such opposing styles are not for your wedding day. You're looking for a whole look- take your favorite style and go for it! If you want to dress up, do that! Add your own quirky details (cute shoes, a feather), but keep the wacky for a Tuesday.
Wedding jewels can cost upwards of $200, but when you're wearing pieces that you can wear again, what's $200? It's the fine line of "everyday" vs "wedding" that you need to blur to find those perfect pieces.
The perfect neckline, though perfect, may need a little pendant. A diamond you can wear again, or a CZ (keep jewelry off the cotton that comes in the box- there is a chemical in it that causes tarnishing). Too much on the neck takes away from you AND your gown. I'm sure you've heard "too much is just too much"... in this case, too much. -->
When you have a beautiful neckline, think of a nice cuff, or a headpiece that speaks for your personality and your wedding day (a tiara at the beach, too much- a crystal headband, perfect).
In the case of wedding jewelry, all jokes aside, please remember you will have to look at your pictures for the rest of your life- if you look like you've framed your face in cheap crap, than you will look like cheap crap.

Some places to check out on both ends of the spectrum:

Best wishes on beadazzlement. Remember- you're not a holiday decoration.

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